Contact for NGO & CSR Jobs / Intern Placement


eMail: placement.consultant@ozg.co.in


1.  Knowledge of English (Read+Write+Speak) is essential to get any placement or freelance position.

2. Do not post your resume multiple times to Ozg Email [except applying for different positions].

3. Do not simply forward or bulk forward your resume to Ozg eMail. Please, write in brief, what exactly are you looking for and how does it match with your profile?

3. Do not call for inquiry, Ozg Placement team will contact you.

4. Your information is safe and secure in database of Ozg Placement Consulting, Ozg does not sell it.


Please, note that while sending resume to Ozg following DOCUMENTS should be attached with your email or you create negative points to be hired even if you are suitable for any available vacancies or new positions.

1. One full size picture (casual or formal) of yourself [in JEPG/JPG/GIF file]. It should not be more than a year old. This is required for security purpose.

2. Two writing samples of 1000+ words each [either published or unpublished] on any topic, written only by yourself in PDF or Word file. 

3. [Essential but not compulsory] – Copy of documents or video clips related to your previous completed projects.

    Phone # +91 (0) 96-503-15748 [For Agencies Only]

Office: R.G. Mall,  Rohini-9, New Delhi 110 085

Website: http://resume.ozg.in/,  http://ngo-jobs.ozg.in/  and  http://placement.ozg.in/